The 5 R’s

Real Estate

Whether buying or selling your home, Kim’s enthusiasm and passion for eco-friendly solutions, will help you achieve your green lifestyle in the home of your dreams.

How are we different? Kim grew up in a family of real estate professionals, and over the years she has gained a true understanding of what it takes to be a successful REALTOR®. Time and hard work alone do not, it requires dedication, honesty and commitment to ensure you are helping your clients make the right choices.


Kim provides her clients with a level of commitment and professionalism that stands above the rest.

How are we different? In an industry where REALTORS® come and go, Kim as made a commitment to make real estate a career, and works hard to ensure she’s kept up-to-date on the marketplace and profession.


Her true love for the environment is what has guided Kim to be green; whenever possible she uses only products that are environmentally friendly. Kim is proud to say that she runs a completely paperless office.

How are we different? When you work with Kim Avery, you’ll notice that all of the documents and contracts are transmitted virtually, to avoid paper and ink wastage. Kim prides herself on using environmentally friendly products as well, and helping her clients become more green in their own lives.


This goes far beyond Kim’s pledge to reuse products around her home or office. On her quest to go green, Kim has adapted new ideas and a totally revamped outlook on her business to reflect her environmental goals. Kim uses the most innovative technology to help her stay on top of the latest trends.

How are we different? Kim has worked hard to achieve green designation, through education and certification with the Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB®), and RE/MAX. Currently Kim is working towards running her office entirely on solar power, and achieving alliances with formidable green builders and contractors within the city. Kim keeps herself up-to-date on the latest innovations in technology.


Kim allows real estate to be fun.The lasting relationships that Kim builds with her clients, and the opportunity to work with their friends, families and colleagues, is truly her aspiration as a REALTOR®.

How are we different? Kim’s friendly demeanour offers a sense of comfort to those she has worked with over the years. She strives to go that extra mile for her clients to build long-standing relationships. She isn’t looking for clients today, she’s looking for clients for life.